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Show your work! 


Art lives within all of us, and some are more compelled to create it. What are you creating? We want to hear your story and see your work!


We will feature 5 artists of varying ages (4-14) every month starting May 2020.

All endrys will be due the 3 Thursday of each month. 5 will be selected and will all receive a $25 gift card at Jane's Artifacts.



Submit work here. Please give us a minimum of 3 images and a 30 word description of materials used plus a 30 word description of your idea or point of view. 


Art is a form of expression and a pathway to exploring and understanding the things around us, like current events, cultural movements, political points of view, human suffering, human triumphs, etc. Sometimes art is simply about examining materials and mediums in new and unfound ways. But all art is about creating something that reflects how YOU see it, understand it and portray it. 


We want to see your portrayals, your creations, your ART. 


Moreover, like most individuals and businesses, we are taking this unpresented moment in time, with the COVID-19 pandemic at its peak, to examine and rethink what the community we serve means to us and how we are interacting and giving back to it. Many ideas are swirling around all our heads about what's next, what's the best move, etc. For some its stay the course everything will be back to normal soon. For others, they're hurt economically right now and need immediate financial support. For us, we feel it financially very much ourselves. It's rough for sure. But regardless of how painful this is, we're hanging in there and we will recover. That said, it will be oddly different. For example, when we do open our doors to the public, it will look and feel very foreign; the number of shoppers in the store will be monitored, the shopping "flow" will be dictated, the time you can shop will be set, masks must be worn and distances must be kept. That does not sound like the best shopping experience to us. So what then, well you do some of what was just described and keep the brick and mortar open as long as it makes sense to do so. BUT we want to slowly introduce our online presence as an option for you our customer. We would love to hear from your as we move this forward. What would you like to see, what would make our online presence a positive for your art and office needs? 

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